The Soil Dryer 6 is the latest innovation from HTL Technologies. After countless requests for a Track Dryer that was well suited for a construction site, we have developed a machine that removes moisture content from the dirt.

The SD6 is manufactured with a commercial tiller that can dig into the earth up to 12" deep, while heating the tilled dirt with a 6 million BTU burner. The SD6 is controlled by a remote control box mounted inside the cab of the tractor, allowing one user to make all necessary adjustments. We have completed tests with engineering firms to prove that the SD6 will remove moisture without damaging the soil, drying the dirt to the point of compaction for construction jobs. The SD6 provides the quickest and most effective way to remove moisture from the dirt, which cuts down time and keeps you working. 

The Data

Reduction from 20.5% to 16.7% Moisture in Soil in 1.5 Hours

Clay & Top Soil Mix
59* F, 23% Humidity, 12MPH Wind
100% Heat on Pass 1-4 at 6" Soil Depth
25% Heat on Pass 5-6 at 6" Soil Depth

Reduction from 25.5% to 15.1% Moisture in Soil

Brown, Clayey Silt with some Sand
Natural Moisture (0 Pass) = 25.5% Moisture (Optimum Moisture 14.4%)
25% Heat on Pass 1 = 24.3% Moisture
10% Heat on Pass 2 = 19.1% Moisture
Fan on Pass 3 = 15.1% Moisture